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At the heart of skydogenet lies Drivechain – a revolutionary technology. Leveraging Bitcoin Improvement Proposals (BIPs) 300 and 301, Drivechain enables us to seamlessly clone any altcoin and integrate it as a sidechain within skydogenet. This breakthrough technology allows for the transfer of mainchain coins to sidechains and back, paving the way for an interconnected blockchain ecosystem.

With skydogenet, any open source software can be cloned into a sidechain, opening a new world of possibilities for innovation: NFTs, AI computing, DeFi and smart contracts.

Drivechain ... arguably could have been more important or useful than Taproot Dr. Adam BackCEO & Founder Blockstream / Inventor of Hashcash

skydogenet opens the door to a world of possibilities

with its diverse range of sidechains:

EthSide (Ethereum Sidechain)
The power of Ethereum at your fingertips! EthSide brings Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatibility to skydogenet, enabling developers to deploy applications, NFTs, DEFI protocols, DEX platforms, and smart contracts seamlessly. Experience the full scope of ETH functionalities without compromise.
Thunder Sidechain
Say goodbye to high transaction fees and scalability limitations. Thunder, our innovative scaling solution, transforms skydogenet into a blockchain for the masses. Enjoy lightning-fast transactions and pave the way for global adoption.
BitAssets Sidechain
NFTs and digital assets take center stage without congesting the mainchain. BitAssets offers a streamlined approach to NFT and asset creation, allowing for efficient trading and management without compromising the core blockchain.
BitDNS Sidechain
Revolutionize the way we think about domain names and identities. BitDNS empowers the creation of decentralized domain names and identities on the blockchain, fueling innovations like decentralized social media platforms.
Hivemind Sidechain
Empower your predictions with Hivemind, a decentralized oracle system. Bet on global events using cryptocurrencies and tap into the wisdom of the crowd. From presidential elections to sports outcomes, the possibilities are endless.
Bitcoin Core BIPs Sidechain
Safely experiment with cutting-edge Bitcoin Core features using BIPs on this sidechain. Test new ideas without jeopardizing the security of the mainchain.
Your Favorite Altcoin
Have a favorite altcoin? skydogenet can clone it using Drivechain technology, providing an opportunity for your chosen technology to shine within our ecosystem.
Unmatched Security and and decentralization

skydogenet relies on tested Bitcoin core software for a robust, secure foundation. Drivechain technology enables secure sidechains without compromising mainchain security.

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Is skydogenet a Drivechain fork?

Yes, skydogenet combines original Bitcoin Core Code with Drivechain Code.

When will the first sidechain be available on mainnet?

We are currently in internal testing of three Sidechains - Thunder, Bitasset and ETHSide. The first sidechain will go live in Q4 2023.

Is there a Coin / Tokenomics?

The skydogenet coin is called Skydoge. Detailed Tokenomics can be found on Medium.

Are there local skydogenet communities?
Our list of local skydogenet communities: